Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well, well well...

I feel like today was a total waste of a day. I really didn't do anything. Nothing really sticks out in my mind. There is something weighing on my mind that I don't want to talk about but hopefully that'll be gone soon.

I have decided that i'm going to change my major to medical record coding. This time, I feel confident in my decision. I've always felt like I needed to do nursing in order to prevent disappointing certain people in my family. I have decided that the only two people who I need reassurance from is Ronnie and my Grandma. Their opinions are the only that really matter to me. I do know that certain people in my family have my best interest in mind and are only concerned with my happiness but the fact is, they want me to do what THEY think will make me happy instead of being okay with the fact that I know what will make me happy.

I can honestly say this time, I am 100% confident in my decision and I don't really care how judgemental others want to be with it. In the end, i'm the one who will be paying my bills, not them.

28 days until I see my hubby! I'm already getting excited! 

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