Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sometimes I want to scream!
So, Ronnie is at MCT and starts training today so he won't have his phone and I won't get to talk to him until sunday! boo! I was trying to get this whole money thing situated because I have to have money to buy the necessities I need! He tried going to the admin office yesterday because that was his platoons "designated" time. Well, go figure... He got turned away. Well apparently his combat instructor is old school and won't let them go. Well, newsflash! He's gotta help support his wife so uhhh... Lets get on it! haha


I then called the bank and they couldn't do anything for me because i'm not designated as his power of attorney or on his account. Well, obviously I can't be put on his account until we're both at the bank together! So, they turned me away. Well then Ronnie finally sent me his online ID and password so that I could log on to his account and get money wired to my account while he's in training. Then he's like, "Be very careful, I still have things I need to get from the PX" Ummm, i'm not the one who went through 260 something dollars in less than 48 hours. I hate it when he thinks i'm not responsible with money, when in all reality, i'm more responsible than him.


Next step is going to the DEERS office to get everything figured out. But i'm not sure how I go about that since he hasn't turned in our marriage license yet because he keeps getting turned away from the admin office.  Any suggestions or advice? It's all welcome!


I just want to be with him! :( I can't wait until all of this training is over and i'm done with school so we can have our life together! That will make me one happy girl!

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